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July 22, 2008

1:58 PM

Not much to say.........

except that it's almost my Birthday!

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July 1, 2008

2:40 AM


Over the past few weeks I have developed a real liking for Transformers the movie. If anybody body cares My favorite Autobots are Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Bumblebee.
I asked my friend from cde to make this collage and I think she did a good job. =]

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July 1, 2008

2:30 AM

I'm back!

  • Mood: Kinda tired
Yes it is true. I'm back!
I can't believe it's been like 3 months since I have updated...I'm bad at these things..
I blame myspace for my lack of recent updates. I mean I finally get an account and it's like an addiction! Dumb addicting myspace....
So far Summer has been GREAT! I have been swimming everyday and hanging out with friends. It has been really hot though.
For my Summer reading program I just finished " A girl from Yamhill: A memoir" By Beverly Cleary. I really enjoyed the book and hope to read the second book  " A girl from Yamhill: My own two feet"

I have to go but I'll update more later...

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April 22, 2008

3:01 PM

Look at this!

  • Mood: Sorry
I am really sorry for not updating in forever! But later today I hope to update here. Maybe I'll get to changing the look and feel of my blog!
Thanks everyone!         
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March 27, 2008

7:49 PM

Oh My Gosh!

  • Mood: Weak......
Oh My Gosh! My mom looks soooooo different!I mean when she came home her hair had the cutest hairstyle ever! It is kinda hard to explain how it looks but I'll do my best to explain it. It's short in the back and then it gradually gets longer towards the front. And it's highlighted with blonde! It looks really nice.And hey why she was at it she pierced her nose! Oh I won't one really bad but my mom said she would think about it when I turn 16. Anyway she looks great and she is really happy about which makes me happy.I earned 6 dollars for babysitting today. Yay me! I feel so much better but I still feel weak. I was supposed to meet my friend at the park but I couldn't. =[ I spent the day watching "Saved By The Bell" and "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-air" on The n. My little brother,chubby missed his mom a lot through day so when we went out to eat he was all over her! I forgot to tell you! I don't know how it happened but my earing broke!! I think my little Chubby has something to do with considering he was pulling on my ears all day long.These were a $22 pair of earings and he broke them! I am not only sad but a little angry! I gotta run so I'll post more later! =D
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March 27, 2008

11:50 AM


  • Mood: ill(again)
Yes, I am sick...................AGAIN! I don't know why but I have a headache and stomach  pains along with nausea.I'm just messing on the computer at the moment.
My mom is going to get her hair cut so I watching my little sister and brother.I have to right this article for a friends magazine on stardoll and I really don't want to do it right now............................
Before you go please leave a comment on my tag board!
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March 23, 2008

12:15 PM

Happy Easter!

  • Mood: tired
Happy Easter Bloggers!
Well I spent the morning serving food at my church which was kinda fun.......At least I got more candy than everyone else! Mwuahahahahahahahah!Unfortunately I don't like candy very much. I practically ate all of the candy my nana sent us and now am too full to eat anything else!
I am so tired today! I have no clue why. But I feel like taking a nap............bye peoples!
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March 20, 2008

2:17 PM

Ear Piercing

  • Mood: Haaapppyyy
Today my whole family except my dad went to the mall. And while we were there I got my ears pierced for the second time!! It looks really pretty and cool. The earings I picked out are crystal stars and there pink. All week when I was thinking about it I felt strong but when I was in the chair boy was my stomach doing flops. It only hurt for a few seconds. Right now my left here soooooooooooooooo badly but it was worth it.I can't believe this is my second hole.
Well in other news I switched accounts on stardoll. I got board with my first account, which name is sushiroo. My new account is Space.Cadet and I'm still getting it all set up.
Oh and before forget It's the first day Spring! Spring is my favorite season. I love the rain,flowers,wind,and the fresh air.
Oh I feel kind dorky but I kinda see "Horton Hears A Who". I think the elephant is kind of cute! I want to see "Shutter" but my mom wont let me see it

I have to get dinner so see ya!
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March 17, 2008

10:57 AM

Happy St. Patricks Day!

  • Mood: excited
Happy St. Patrick's Day fellow bloggers!
Well my holiday is a little blah right now. I mean nothing is happening at all. I seriously thought about leaving stardoll because it's starting to get out of hand but I just can't pull myself to do it! I mean I love being on stardoll and I have invested so much time in money on my account that it would be extremely hard to just let it go. Well at least hard for me. So I put up a broadcast on the site saying"Leaving stardoll!Selling everything!$5 sale!". Of coarse people buy my clothes but then go in my Guest Book and start asking for my account. I thought that was mean until they started sending friend request asking for my account. HOW RUDE!Hehe. Well tough luck they can't have it!!
Anyway I have BIG news! I'm getting my ears pierced! This will be my second hole! I am so excited!!!!I could scream but...Oh what the heck! AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH! Okay I'm better.
I have to go!
see ya later y'all!
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March 13, 2008

5:14 PM


  • Mood: Happy
Am I on Webkinz? Yes, yes I am! And ya know why!? Well to be quite frank it's because my 4 year old brother is on there and I like sending him gifts ;) I also like designing my pets room and playing the games!
any who I own the hippo(he is really cute) and his name is Shakespeare! Ya I'm serious!Although he was really close to being Hamlet but I thought I would save that for a pig(hehe)!
My user name is KawaiiCutie. The reason I choose that is......... I love kawaii! That includes manga,anime,sanrio, and of coarse the oh so cute kawaii!
Well I gotta run! But before I do I would like to thank all the people for wishing me to get well! Thank you sooo much!
see ya!
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